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Dancing in the night, to any mix
Dancing all the night, in this time period
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your father was a hampster!



Too loud. Quiet, please.

... the hell did you do last night?

Don't know which is worse... the perpetual ice cream headache, or the hang over...

Okay, never mind, I really don't want to know.

... ... Where's Kaito?

Slumped over a huge tub of half melted Haagan Daz in the corner. Also your comm turned on.
[Groan. Click.]
to know we have a heart

[Attached: Necklace]

Happy birthday! If you like, maybe we can have dinner later.
19th-Jan-2010 05:39 pm - [Eggplant Eight]: [video]
watching as the sun goes down
[Gaku is on the stage in the bar, with an electric guitar. The music kicks in and he starts to sing and play]

I thought that I heard you sing
There's been a... development in the personality changes of the twins. I'm not sure if, at this moment, Rin herself is actually affected, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say that she's not.

Len... thinks he's Rin. Something about this one... she died, apparently. He takes on her personality in the evening and his own in the day time. At least that's what I've gathered so far. I tried to take him to sing, but "Rin" wouldn't let me.

... I won't get in to details about our conversation.

I'm going to stay with him if at all possible.

[Locked to Lance]

I need an early out from work to deal with this. Normally I wouldn't ask, but... well... special circumstances I suppose.
Ohh... my achin' body... what the hell was that all about anyway, Gaku? And why are we on a damn mountain?!

... Gaku?

... O-oh... oh shit... crap... I-I remember...

H... HELP! I-I NEED HELP! MY TAMER-... ! ... Gaku, why'd you do that... you big idiot... please wake up... please...
25th-Sep-2009 01:03 pm - [Eggplant Four]: [Accidental Audio]
to know we have a heart
Isn't it wonderful, Nyokimon?

... dare I ask what you're talking about?

All this music! All this singing! The world's come alive with it!

You really are an idiot, aren't you?


Fine, if it's so wonderful why don't you sing something for your moody girlfriend?

*sputter* She is not-! ... she is not moody. She's far more complex than you'll ever understand!

That so?

It is.


That... was so unbelievably cor-

22nd-Sep-2009 10:04 pm - [Eggplant Three]: [Accidental Audio]
to know we have a heart
(OOC: Miku used with permission from Taco~)

*sound of some one knocking on a door* Mikuuuu~? Can I come in?

*Miku is quiet for a few moments, but answers the door, sounding cheerful but not like she usually does* GakuGaku!

I came to see how you were doing~ Everyone's singing, and you've been kind of quiet.

*giggles* I guess I haven't been virused!

It's possible! But it would be nice to join in with them. We do love music after all~

I guess so.

*sounding concerned*  ... are you alright, Miku?

Hn? Of course I am! *so not convincing*

Hmm... *so not convinced!* well... I know it's all very upsetting... if you weren't being affected by it, I'd probably be more worried about you then.

*confused* GakuGaku? What do you mean?

*having one of his rare zen-like moments* We're made to be as human as possible, Miku... that means we can grow and change like them, too. Sometimes... that means experience pain and sorrow as well as happiness and joy. It makes us... more alive...

*And both move seamlessly in to a song*

Thank you, LJ fail.

Lyrics (Romanji)Collapse )

*the song ends, and Gaku chuckles*

Do you feel any better, Miku?



11th-Sep-2009 02:04 pm - Eggplant Two: [Accidental Audio]
to know we have a heart

*long silence, save for the sound of wood creaking and a light breeze blowing*

I'm all for different perspectives, Nyokimon, this is not what I had in mind.

You're telling me...

What I'm curious about, though, is just how we got up here... the view is lovely, but I don't recall being on the roof last.

Why are you being so damn calm about it?! I bet your insane family has something to do with this nonsense!

Don't speak so ill of them! My family is wonderful! They'd never do such a thing.


... oh dear.

... now what?

I... believe I got out here without underwear some how...

*If Nyokimon could facepalm, he would be doing it right now.*

((OOC: Okay, so basically? Greg's Gomamon is at it again. They got unfrozen before Gaku, so upon seeing the unattended Vocaloid, he got a few of his friends together and strung him up a la The Hanging Man on the roof. For an added bonus, they strung up Nyokimon next to him as an ornament.))
15th-Aug-2009 12:49 pm - Eggplant One: [Locked from Hostiles]
to know we have a heart
Dear brothers and sisters of my beloved Vocaloid family, your wonderful brother has ~RETURNED~!

Ow. Flamboyant as ever, I see.

And what, dear Nyokimon, is wrong with that?!

*sputterlaugh* Absolutely nothing.

Hrumph. And I see you're just as bratty as ever.

Oi! Don't start with me, samurai guy!


... *sigh* You're giving me the cold shoulder?


Alright, alright, I'm sorry! Is that better?

Why, yes it is! Thank you, Nyokimon~!

Ack! Don't hug me so hard! Gakuuuu! GAKUUUU!

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