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Dancing in the night, to any mix

Dancing all the night, in this time period

Kamui Gakupo
31 July
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Vocaloids were continuing to gain popularity. The creation of release of Miku Hatsune had sky rocketed them all in to international super stardom. Rin and Len sealed their destinies as the world's next great music act, and the company was continuing to find ways to improve and produce more.

After the incident with the thieving company that brought Haku and Neru to their ranks, the company decided to take more precautions with their technology, but rather than tying it up under heavy lock and key, they instead began putting out bids to other music companies to allow them use of their technology and products in exchange for other services and help in new creations. This was in hopes of discouraging more theft in the future, with the thought that allowing other companies to do so would put them in a better light.

As such, they approached another company that had several well known live-vocal talents under their belt and after some bidding began to build yet another Vocaloid with a slightly different twist. They would use the voice of one of the better known talents as a basis for his vocal database, allowing for a little more range and flexibility within the voice. It really had nothing to do with who they were using, more how they were using it and incorporating it in to the Vocaloid 2 technology.

With that in mind, and a design team from the music company behind them, they designed and planned for a new male Vocaloid - Kamui Gakupo.

Taking a step away from the way they'd done things with Miku, Rin and Len, they built him to be a bit older in apperance, closer to Kaito's physical age, and did away with the cute 'sera fuku' style of clothing and instead centered him around more of a 'modern samurai' style instead. With long, tied back purple hair, white and purple robing, and a katana and an eggplant as his items, Kamui Gakupo was activated on July 31st, 2008.

Gaku took to his new family instantly, and though he seemed to annoy his 'older' brother Len and confuse Kaito (as he was quite flamboyant in personality), the girls absolutely adored him, Miku especially. He had a wonderful time learning to perform, doing concerts and recording music, both solo and with his family. His recognizable voice bank made him a near-instant success, and it appeared that the world would not be getting enough of the Vocaloids, so much so that another female done strictly by the company, Luka Megurine, was created with a dual voice bank that allowed her to sing in English and Japanese.

Gaku eagerly awaited the activation of Luka, something in his mechanical heart telling him that there would be something special about her. When she finally did come to their family, Gaku felt something strange come over him, something he couldn't explain or describe, but he couldn't quite place his finger on what the feeling was.

Regardless, it made him act even more silly, following Luka around and asking her strange, random questions all the time. Unfortunately for him this annoyed Luka, and she took to being rather abusive to him. Still, he wasn't deterred. He wanted to find out what the feeling was, and quite possibly, if Luka felt the same way.

Unfortunately he lost some opportunity to do that. During a tour on the coast in a small, not very well known town, Rin, Len, and Haku all vanished, leaving no trace of themselves behind. Several weeks passed, and a very worried Miku went searching on her own without letting her other siblings know, and also disappeared. The family was beginning to get very concerned, but had no way of beginning to look for 'loids that had simply gone the way of so much smoke in the air. Kaito was beside himself with Miku gone, and Gaku watched with a mild sense of fright as the family began to fall apart. The company did their best to keep it out of the press, but rumors abounded with their tour suddenly halted.

Gaku was depressed at their losses, upset that he could do nothing to comfort the rest of his family, but determined that some how things would change. He went for a walk, asking around to see if anyone had any clues about where they might have gone. Sadly, nothing turned up - no one had seen or heard from those four. Gaku was about to give up... when he found himself in another world.

The world was that of the Digital World, and it was where his siblings had vanished to. While only weeks had passed in their home world, they had been in this new world several months, and were equally as worried about the rest of their family. The reunion was a happy one, but a higher power decided he needed to return home once more. His time in the Digital World was short, but with good reason - their newest sibling, created again with the help of Gaku's secondary company, was about to be activated and needed a mentor of her own.

So Gaku returned, no memory of his time in the Digital World and very confused about the lost time. He brushed it off, though. Surely it was nothing, right? Perhaps just a glitch?

He returned home to see Gumi's activation, all the while getting strange looks from Kaito who seemed to have his own theory about Gaku's several-day vanishing. As soon as a rumor was confirmed that chairty idol UTAU Teto Kasane was also MIA, Kaito cornered Gaku and asked simply "How are they?".

Though Gaku had no clue what Kaito was talking about, with his memories of that place erased, he some how answered on intuition alone.

"I believe they are doing fine. They miss us, though."

Kaito wasn't sure how to take it, but he had enough sense to drop it, seeming aware that he wouldn't get much more of an answer out of Gaku. They tried to return to life as normal, Gaku teaching Gumi and preparing her for her life as a performer, and telling her stories of her other siblings that would hopefully return home some day.

Once Gaku finished Gumi's training, though, he began to wonder if they ever would, or if perhaps their destiny was different. He wondered this because Kaito became the next missing Vocaloid, simply on his porch at night, there one minute and gone the next. That left Meiko, Neru, Gaku, Luka and Gumi, and left the company in an absolute panic.

Desperate to do something to salvage their reputation, they sent Gumi off on a solo tour for her debut and left the other Vocaloids in their home, this time guarded so that no one could sneak in and take them, and that they themselves couldn't leave without an escort. Meiko was less than amused, but Luka seemed understanding at least. Neru couldn't care less, or so it seemed.

Yet whatever fate had in store for them, it wasn't about to be held back by the paltry notion of gaurds at the door and escorts. One morning found Luka completely vanished from her very bed roll.

And the next morning, Gaku returned to the Digital World...


Gaku is one thing first and foremost - flamboyant. Sure, it wasn't programmed in, but other 'loids had already proved that one's programming did not make them who they were. It's difficult to tell at times if he's flirting or genuinely being nice, but really he just has a very open, kind heart and loves to share his enjoyment of life with others. He considers his existence a blessing, something unique that he and his siblings share, but it's not something he has a complex or an ego about.

Unfortunately, while he is very intelligent, even more so than most of the other Vocaloids, he's also quite obvious about most things, even to the point of not being aware that he might be making some one else uncomfortable or offending them (though he does seem to understand he annoys Luka and can do nothing to stop that). He seems to think that everyone loves him, not in a way that he's popular or that he deserves to be loved, but that he simply is that congenial of a person. While it can cause problems, it also gives him an edge in arguments and disputes, because he can turn up the charisma and charm should the need arise, and thus can find peaceful resolutions to arguments and disputes. Unless, of course, he's made them worse some how.

He has a natural respect for people, and for women despite how his nature some times makes it appear otherwise. In a lot of aspects he's actually a very good leader, able to win people's trust and give trust of his own, something he holds as one of his highest honors. However when it comes to loyalty, it is to his family first and foremost, and if you are not a Vocaloid or UTAU and are doing something he morally disagrees with, even if you are his friend he will not be afraid to call you out on it. Very things bring out his serious side, but a breaking of the bond of trust and family, or having some one he cares about in danger are a few of the things that do.


As he's returned to the Digital World a second time, Gaku has had his partner, Nyokimon returned to him. Little has changed about Nyokimon in the time that Gaku has been away. She's still an energetic go-getter with a mouth that goes a mile a minute, ready and willing to jump in to action at any given moment.

She has toned down the rudeness a little, but she remains bossy to others, Gaku as well, and is constantly frustrated with his desire to remain peaceful rather than take up arms against others. Her teasing has become a bit more good natured, less abrasive and mean, and she continues to want to have fun and attempts to be Gaku's enabler in doing so.

If it comes down to a fight, though, in which Gaku is involved and willing to attack and defend, she is all business, ready to get in and do whatever it takes to keep her tamer protected. The more she gets to know his family, the more likely she will be to have this desire to protect to extend to them, but until that time her main concern is Gaku and keeping his silly purple-haired self safe. This doesn't stop them from butting heads quite often, though.


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